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Video Saver

SvelteIframely API, Node/ExpressJS, MongoDB, Mongoose, SwiperJS
A very fun fullstack project I envisioned. It communicates with a API I wrote for this project ( The app lets you save videos, with the ability to set a category. The homepage has a TikTok style swipe for videos, the search page lets you search for the videos based on category selected. Please give time for the demo site to load, the front and backend are hosted on Heroku, you may have to refresh after initial page load.
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ECommerce Store

ReactRedux, React Router, Firebase, Stripe API
As part of the Zero-To-Mastery React course, we created this ecommerce project. It utilizes Redux, and firebase. It was a great code a long project to at least get familiar with some of the tech that's used with React. (Hosted on Heroku, give time to load the app)
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Face Recognition

ReactNode, PostgreSQL, Heroku, Clarify API
This is a web application using React, Node, and postgreSQL. It lets users register and sign in, and place image URL's. Using the Clairify API, the app will detect human faces, and using CSS, will place a square around the face.
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GatsbyGatsby-Image, GraphQL, Netlify
This is the site you are on now! I decided to create this myself so I could learn a little Gatsby. Hosted on Netlify, it uses the component I made, and also Gatsby-Image.
project img Blog Component

Javascript ComponentAxios, @reach/router
This is a reusable component, that works along side @Reach/react. I built this for my website, so that I could write on knowing my articles will also always be visible on my site. It uses client side routing to create the pages.
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ReactPromise Tracker, Promise Spinner, FETCH, API
A small simple React app that takes a users inputted URL link, and responds with a shortened URL. It utilizes the API.